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Guidelines on How to List Users in a Room

To list users in a room (a room can be a channel, a chess game, a todo, a music playlist, DMs, noticeboard, deals and prospects, which has one or more users) you'll need to format your data in this form

The endpoint to list users in a room should conform to the listed criterias:

URL construct : {base_url}/{roomID}/{endpoint}

Endpoint : /users/list

Request Type : GET

Authorization : cookieAuth or bearerAuth

Example url:

Sample Response#

{    "status":"success",    "data":{            "is_admin": false,            "is_email_confirmed": true,            "is_owner": false,            "profile":{                "_id":"61408b3e009d394a85088ba3",                "image_url": "",                "real_name":"John Doe",                "email": "",                "phone_number":"08090426532",                "display_name":"mista_cee",                "time_zone": "Africa/Angola",                "time_zone_label": "Central African Time",                "time_zone_offset":3600,                "status_emoji": ":eight",                "title": "Backend Developer (PHP Laravel)",                "status_text": "This is the status",                "pronouns": "him/he"                }              }          }

The data collection should contain#

  • is_admin which is either true or false
  • is_email_confirmed which reflect whether the user has confirmed his/her email.
  • is_owner which shows whether or not the user is part of the workspace admins or owners

The profile collection contains more details about the user as shown above.