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How to build a plugin and the protocol that a plugin must follow

Introduction to Zuri Chat Plugin#

Zuri Chat software Plugin is a standalone application with full fledged fuctionalites that is unique to the plugin. It can either create, fetch or delete data from it's own configured database ( from a core system) with the use of an application programming interface(API).

Zuri Chat Plugin system#

Adding specific features to Zuri Chat is achieved with the zuri chat plugins. Zuri Chat is a software with microservice archtecture, its features are connected in a plugin form.

Zuri Chat plugins#

  • Chess Plugin
  • Music Plugin
  • DM Chat Plugin
  • Todo Plugin
  • Channels Plugin
  • NoticeBoard Plugin
  • Company Goals Plugin
  • Sales CRM PLugin

Features a plugin must have#

  • A plugin must have a dashboard.
  • A plugin must have a side bar.
  • It must have create, read, update and delete functionalities.
  • A plugin can have rooms in their sidebars, this is not a compulsory feature. E.g. Chat apps can have rooms while some plugins might not need to have rooms. This feature is dependent on the plugin structure.
  • A plugin must have either a local or external database which its connected to.
  • A plugin can be downloaded and attched to other core softwares (E.g. Microservice system)
  • A plugin can be deleted, downlaoded and installed to the core system.

steps for building a Plugin#

  • Create a database (zuri Chat database)
  • Create fields for data acceptance
  • Create Endpoints ( url which users can visit).